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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 12:43am on 10/06/2013
Holy cow, I can do a series of vinyasas now. And I can basically do half-vinyasas back to back for quite a while.

Good lord, am I getting better? I think I may be! :)
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 12:46pm on 28/05/2013
Lots going on, as ever, but little of it interesting enough to bother writing about. I'm still working away on the dissertation, obv. Need to switch my focus and mess with my conference paper soon, since only half of it is written and it will need some serious editing. I also have some annoying paperwork I need to do quite soon. So that's annoying.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 02:07pm on 23/05/2013
I just said to Boy, "Being involved with a classicist means never again having to say 'gosh, I haven't heard a cool story in a while." I thought about it some and then said "Although I suppose at some point you might want to say 'STOP TELLING ME WHAT SOME DEAD DUDE SAID ABOUT DICKS.'"
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 06:22pm on 19/05/2013
I started using Wen a couple weeks ago. I'd been curious since catching a late-night infomercial, so I got a sample of the Fig flavour whilst I was in Vegas (they don't have Fig in Sephora in Canada) and gave it a try. Amusingly, when Boy met up with me in the Sephora where I was killing time and getting the sample, turns out he used to use Wen and loved it. On his mohawk. *grin*

But yeah, so I've been using it since it finally arrived (had to order it online) and I am insanely happy with it. I'll still have to use shampoo occasionally just because I'm blonde and sometimes you gotta strip, but occasionally so far is once in all the time I've been using it. So that's kind of nice.

I'm leaving for the UK in a month. Eek.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 02:50pm on 08/05/2013
Working on the dissertation, have met with my two Latin 200 tutoring students, meeting with my Greek 200 tutoring student either later this week or next week. Still bouncing around trying to take one of all the yoga classes my gym offers, figuring out who my favourite teachers are. There's a convenient class on Tuesday-Thursday, time-wise, that I tried yesterday and while I wasn't super thrilled with the teacher at the beginning of the class, by the end I really did feel like I had been worked hard, and he does some different poses than some of the other classes I take. That's probably a good thing though!

I need to actually find some stupid Aerogarden bulbs, as mine need replaced. They are stupidly hard to get in Canada for some reason. The places that sell Aerogardens don't sell the bulbs. (Please do not offer solutions. I know what I have to do to get the bulbs, I'm just grumpy about it!)

Speaking of stupid, it was 70 on Sunday and *80* on Monday and the things that make my apartment cosy in the winter make it stupidly hot if the temp goes up suddenly, so it was over 82 (not sure how much over) in my apartment for two days and almost unbearable. But I can't work anywhere else right now very effectively if I need all my books because my laptop is currently a desktop so that's annoying. Oh well. I've been using my drying rack and laundry as kind of a makeshift swamp cooler in my bedroom, which stays cooler anyway, and last night it was really lovely.

Hoping it'll be sunny and warm on Friday so I can hit the beach and get some more bikini time in. I only have two spots of sunburn from bikini time on Sunday and I'm hopeful they'll resolve in time to get some more sun. I find it amusing that I spent so long actively avoiding the sun and now, mostly because there's so little of it up here, I am OBSESSED with it. But that'll happen when you live somewhere that for most of the year doesn't get enough sunlight to make vitamin D. Not enough vitamin D--ANY vitamin D.

My Wen came finally. I ordered through Sephora because first of all I don't like subscription-style body product services and second, Wen Canada doesn't have the fig, which is what I like. (I got samples while I was in Vegas and really liked it.) So gonna give it a real try, for the length of the bottle at least.

Anyway, that's what up.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 02:23pm on 04/05/2013
Best yoga class ever. There's a particular teacher that I really really like and this was her power yoga. It was hard work but I felt so good after it, and so strong during it. I was resistant to the yoga thing because it's a such a Vancouver trope (I mean, we are the home of Lululemon) but it is so great. I had reached the point where I was totally plateaued with my usual workouts, and yoga has really energized me and made me feel like I'm working again. I'd gotten to the point with cardio where making it hard enough work actually meant making it so hard on my joints that I was starting to worry about RSIs.

I need to reintroduce cardio, but yoga is being really good to me right now. And the emphasis on focus and presence is very much about what I want my exercise to be, so it falls in well with my own beliefs about movement and exercise.

[ profile] lauzeta and I are going to wander around today and I may buy a yoga mat of my own. I feel like my practice would be greatly improved by being on a mat that's not primary school blue or sputum green.

I also really like that yoga teachers (the good ones at least) really understand that bodies aren't the same, and so instead of the message that my weird proportions and old injuries are either imaginary or can't possibly affect my practice (which is what my hooping teacher kept saying, and was one reason I became more and more resistant to hooping--because my arms are fucking short, goddammit, and telling me it's my imagination and to reach harder is NOT going to make them longer!), yoga teachers say "pay attention to your body and honour its wishes--if you can't do it this way, do it that way".

Today we did a weird set of IT band stretches that made my feet act up because of my birth defect in a way they haven't done in more than 20 years. So that was kind of interesting. It made me think about the nature of my feet, and the ways that my body has learnt to compensate for my birth defect as well as to compensate for the things that the correction of it did to my feet.

This may not continue; after all, it's been less than a month. But now, in this moment, yoga makes me happy in ways that I haven't been in a while. I call that a win.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 11:08pm on 24/04/2013
So a guy was close-following Genevieve and me up the escalator at the skytrain and then stopped us--without touching us, thank god--and said to me "I just want to say this before I never see you again. You look like a little piece of heaven."

I know he was just, you know, drunk and had shitty boundaries, but I was SO CREEPED OUT.

It is totally cool to compliment a woman on the street if you can do so without being weird, but jesus christ. That was so goddamn creepy. I don't feel complimented. I feel like crawling into the shower with a pint of ice cream and a teddy bear the size of New Zealand.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 04:55pm on 24/04/2013
Doc says that I'll know if the toe is bruised or broken by when it stops hurting: two weeks, bruised, six weeks, broken. She is, if nothing else, practical.

My students took their final yesterday and aside from 3 people not putting their NAMES ON THEM (I wound up with 5 extra points somewhere and I'm considering not giving them to the students who DIDN'T PUT THEIR NAMES ON THEM), it went pretty smoothly and seemed to be of an appropriate length and level of difficulty. I had two students (good ones) finish at the hour ten mark, a bad one finish at the hour fifteen mark, and then only 5 students working until the last 15 minutes, most people finishing up in between an hour forty-five and two hours, which seems pretty good to me.

Heading out to hang with G tonight and have some dinner. Possibly calamari. Mmm. I'm aiming to get there a bit early so I can do a little more marking. I'd like to be done by Friday. We'll see.

Allergies are killing me. Fucking birch trees.

How is everybody?
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 01:04am on 22/04/2013
Back from Vegas. For souvenirs I brought a Las Vegas Starbucks mug (there's a sort I particularly like and I like having multiple cities of it), a pulled muscle in my neck, and a broken toe.

Sadly, no exciting stories. The pulled muscle was because I had too much crap in my handbag, and the broken toe is because the tub in our room was deeper than my tub at home and I wasn't quite awake getting into it.
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posted by [personal profile] noveldevice at 11:03am on 24/08/2012
In honour of her natal festivities, [ profile] elisem is having a shiny sale!

You should go check it out--she's got some really nice stuff up right now. Also, I own a pair of the cloisonné shell earrings and I LOVE them.

(And if anyone wanted to buy me a really expensive birthday present, the necklace-crown "Modern Enchantments" is pretty cool. ;)


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